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Chile 2013 - Interview of Kalani

June 01, 2013 by Waïnot

Our international team rider Kalani Lattanzi is now in Chile. After the Arica Chilean Challenge and starting well in Antofagasta Bodyboard Festival, he's making the point on his situation in a small interview. For information Kalani is in the round 5 with Brahim Iddouch, Eder Luciano and the Réunion Island champion, Laury Grenier.

How is your trip in Chile for this third year?

I was a little sad for the results in Arica , but i feeling good here in Antofagasta i got good waves in round 3 and 4. So now i'm happy hhahahha!

What happenned in Arica? Was the condition big?

I didn't like my heat jugding , they gave too much score to the locals , but its ok this situation happens all the time. Not big in the trials , but the final day was 8-9 feet.

How was the spectable in the final day? In live it was crazy!

Was insane, this is the real bodyboarding. Ben player pushed the limit this year. Congratulations for him!

Would you say something about Antafagsta Festival?

Gonna be amazing , all the heats are heavy , and the swell coming tomorrow , will be a show of bodyboarding here.

What is your next step after Chile? Itacoatiara in Rio de Janerio, at home?

Yeahh , the best step for me, HOME!! hahhaha , the forecast are not good for the trials in Itacoatiara but lets do it!

Your situation can be good with a good result here. Are you going to Mexico for GSS and Rio/Venesuela for GQS event?

i dont know yet , depends of my results, But Rio in GQS I will be there for sure.

A last word?

Keep Bodyboarding!

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