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Encanto Pro 2011 - The end of Roxane's season

December 09, 2011 by Waïnot

Roxane Bonet is back on Reunion's island. She tell us her season with happiness and hope for the future.

« Portugal, Canarian Islands, Hawaii, Reunion, France, Ireland and Puerto Rico; of these 7 destinations in 2011, I would say that Puerto Rico is the best.

After the European championship in Ireland with a 5th position, no time to get my breath back. I was heading SW France for one week in Hossegor (with my friend Romano) with a big flu. A little problem, it was just before the France championship at Biarritz! I ended the competition with a 3rd place finish, after my two "dalonnes", Ella Camart and the new champion, Anne Cécile Lacoste (GG ;).
After this, I went to Paris where my plane to Puerto Rico is waiting for me (maybe the opposite!).

For sums up : a bad European championship, a big flu, a bad France championship, a problem with my kneecap and 9 hours on the road to Paris!! At this moment in my mind, Puerto Rico!

Arrival at San Juan without trouble this time ; no Visa bullshit, no missed flight, no night in Amsterdam in a vomit-smelling bubble and no 20 mn misunderstanding with a huge immigration officer!!!

Aaaaaahhhhhh, Puerto Rico with its sun, its perfect waves, its friendly locals and its food. What more? I would say, to be with my best friends (Neuza Mochacho, Marta Perez, Nathacha Sagardia and Jared Houston, As well as Enden Kleiv and Sacha Specker, nice people). The team was together in Villa Del Mar Hau, with a home 10 meters over a funny dropknee spot. Thanks to Manny Vargas and Jackson for these sessions under the sunsets after-hours!

The residence was at 5 minutes of "Midelles", the competition spot. I was not here only for competition, but to help Bianca and my friend Natasha Sagardia, one of the organizers. I can say my days were long, but awesome!!
I won my first heat and I finished third in my second heat, with 5 sea urchin spikes in my foot and a crazy kneecap. The spot was ready with 8 feet on a shallow reef, with sea urchins and a strong tidal stream. In these great conditions, guys and girls were crazy! Congratz to Carlo Costa Taylor for your BIG rollo, to Neuza Mochacho for these two rollos clean and perfect, to Isabela Sousa with her barrel to reverse air at 10 points and to Lilly Pollard for her deep barrels.

In conclusion, i would say : "Apichueles Amarillos y Tostones", it's local food, yes "waïnot"?

A big thanks to Nathi, Claver, Joel, Andres, Aydi for this discover and perfect moment. Thanks to my sponsors, to all my friends who support and help me: Chapo, Romano, Co, Peck, Fidget, Ella, Manielle, Sautron, Marine, Chausson, Fessier, Flo... and thanks to my family and my club "les 3 Peaks". »