Kalani Lattanzi joins the Waïnot team
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Kalani Lattanzi joins the Waïnot team

May 11, 2012 by Waïnot

Following the creation of our new website 6 months ago, we openned Waïnot to the international with Roxane Bonet in the team.

Today, a new rider joins the international team. It's the brasilian Kalani Lattanzi, 2011 national champion. We have been following this young bodyboarder for 2 years. He is starting now to have a good experience in professional bodyboard. He participated to IBA 2011 in Pipeline, Arica, Mexico and Puerto Rico. He was also in Peru and Venezuela during the 2011 GQS tour. After his first year Kalani was 15th on the GQS and in top world 50 (38th in ".Final end of your, one world ranking").

This year, he participated at the first step of the IBA world tour 2012 in Pipeline and he will continue his world tour with 3 steps. He is actually in Antofagasta (Second step of GQS after Port Macquarie). After he will go to Arica Chilian Challenge, one of the most popular event of the year, and finally to Itacoitaria Pro Brazil, his homespot!

We are very proud to support an international bobyboarder with such potential and we hope that one day he could reach his dreams. We start with a first advertising in the last number of SLAB magazine!

Waïnot | First advertising for Kalani in SLAB magazine